I am a former journalist who lives and works in northern Vermont, and over the years my  photography has appeared in many newspapers and magazines.  I find the greatest joy and satisfaction when I am photographing people -- particularly during joyous occasions and when they are celebrating special times in their lives. So when I started my own photography business it was with the goal of creating distinctive photographs that capture the joy of life, the happiness of being together, and the unique personalities of my subjects. My approach is to provide my clients with high quality professional work at reasonable prices.

Although photography is a passion in and of itself, it also provides me with the opportunity to share and record important moments in the lives of my subjects and create images that will become part of their individual and family histories. This is  a privilege and an honor, and of course an important responsibility.

This website contains a sampling of my photographs. Thank you for taking the time to review them. I am always eager for new opportunities to photograph people and grateful when they occur. My contact information is as follows:

e-mail: kevingodd@comcast.net

phone: 802-249-2205

Thanks again,

Kevin Goddard

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